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About Us - Blissfull Essence Natural Skincare


Committed to Quality

Many cosmetics/skin care products nowadays are filled with chemicals that don't actually help you. Quality should never be a compromise. No matter what cosmetic product you're looking for, I guarantee reliability. 

We are a line of all natural, non-toxic hair and skincare products.

While shopping with us, I want you to be completely happy with the experience. If you have questions about us, our products, or even shipping, get in touch!  .



Look Good, Feel Good!

We're all tired of dry dull skin, it seems to affect our family and friends. I created formulas that works for my skin, I found formulas that not only works for me but can also work for you. That's why I decided to share my products with all of you. I stock a few variety of products so you can find the best match to make you feel good!


About the Owner

Hi! My name is Tasha Rodriques. I am a Natural Skin Care Junkie! I love everything about making all-natural skin care products and I enjoy making people happy, it gives me great satisfaction. I hope you enjoy my natural skincare products as much as I enjoy making them.  ☺️ 

 I have always been interested in taking care of my skin. What I have always wanted to do was create a natural luxury product that has the same luxury feel of a department store brand,  if not better with less harm. Im always concerned about the number of chemicals in commonly used products. But the idea for a skin care company began with a glance at my own skin and a bit of inspiration. Which led me to my kitchen, in search of ingredients to formulate some sort of moisturizer for my extremely dry skin. Even as a teenager I would create scrubs, mask and treatments to brighten my dry, acne filled face. When I started researching I realized that the problem was related to many of the chemicals included in skin care products. They are not only drying, they are also damaging to our skin. And they’re bad for the environment too. 

As time passed by my hobby to continue finding new and creative ways to care for the skin became more of a lifestyle and career. 

By day, I work as a part-time Hairstylist. At night, Im in my basement testing and developing new products. I encourage you to to FOLLOW YOUR IDEAS! Above all else I encourage you to GO Natural!

Best regards,

Tasha Rodriques


Blissfull Essence